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24th April
I'd almost forgotten about my blog but then something happens and I remember that I can post the event or incident here and let the world see what I have to put up with. I'm not complaining though as I understand that it's part and parcel of my chosen career and that there will all ways be trolls and idiots, keyboard warriors who hide themselves away. 

Yesterday I had a marvelous day out with my man at Wembley watching the FA Cup semi final between Arsenal and Manchester city. It was a really great day, I was even recognised a few times and was asked to sign supporters of each team's programs which I happily did. Both sets of fans were amazing and their was no trouble whatsoever. This morning I went to my Facebook page and find a post from a Michael Wood whose bio shows he lives in California, perhaps it's wishful thinking on his part. According to him I am a slut, perhaps for wearing Arsenal's colours which I wore on the day as I am a London girl girl, not a Mancunian. I have to wonder if this crass ''man'', would have the balls to say it to my face? I think not. Another sad tale of a sad little man who thinks it's acceptable to insult others. Here's to you Michael Wood.

Michael Wood

20th NovTeresa May the Model not Theresa May the Prime Minister
It's been quite sometime since my name sake Theresa May became the UK's prime minister and I would have thought by now that people would know the difference between Theresa May the PM and Teresa May the glamour model but sadly it seems that isn't the case. the email address info@t-may.co.uk is on the my website www.t-may.co.uk which has a huge nude picture of yours truly on the home page so how people like Mr. Angry of Ayrshire beggers belief. I just hope the prime minister isn't receiving crass emails that I usually get sent asking if I want a twelve incher and I'm sure that isn't a reference to a vinal record!  

If you want to see a larger version click on the image

Teresa May Interview on Men And Motors16th Nov
Well well, life is full of surprises. I wish there was more hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month that way I would be able to fit everything in that I want to do but there isn't. This evening I received a tweet from Men And Motors M&M Lifestyle Extra 
@Lifestyle_Extra that had a link to an interview I did for them talking about my views on porn and the Prodigy video Smack My Bitch Up. Oh such happy days! I can honestly say that I enjoyed working on M&M more than any other TV show. It brought back such happy memories, especially revisiting Lady Lust lmao. If you want to view the video click on the screenshot on the right and take a trip down memory lane with me.

Thank you M&M for such fun times and hapy memories.

21st Oct
Since i've been back from holiday life has been manic and I've hardly had time to breathe. I've been having a sort out and I've come to the conclusion that I have far too many copies of my book stored at home and I need the space which is good new for you so I'm offer signed copies at a riduclous price of just 14.99 including P&P. Once the stock I have at home is gone it will return to it's normal price and my publisher will send them out, unsigne of course.
Click here if you want to buy a copy

4th Oct
As you will know if you follow me on twitter
@RealTeresaMay or if you're a member of my Teresa May facebook group  I'm currently on holiday in Turkey and as hubby is taking a shower I thought I'd catch up on a few things. Thank God for iPads!.  I'm having a wonderful time with my husband, having lots of sun, food, alcohol and of course sex. We might have even had sex on the beach but that is for me to know and you to wonder about. I bet the thought of me naked on the beach having sex turns you on and I'm sure you probably have a stiff cock if you're reading this, that's if you're male of course. I'm sure many of you horny guys will wank yourself silly at the thought of it. Here's a few pics for you to dream on. If you're good I might add more later xx
Teresa May Holiday in TurkeyHubby with our drinkiesMe and my hubby enjoying drinkies in the evening air

1st September

Another month has passed and it's another month closer to my favourite time of the year, Christmas, and of course my birthday which is in December (hint hint).Teresa May Sample Topless Selfie

I've added another topless selfie to my website shop here, this time of me wearing a white and red thong with a flowery pattern. I've been asked many times by email and on twitter and facebook why there are no pictures of them on the selfie shop page. The reason for this is I think it's unfair on those who buy them for everyone else to right click and save a copy for free even if they do have my website logo on them. I'd much rather those who purchase them have something that you cannot find all over the internet. That said I've added a low resolution sample selfie to my blog today so you get an idea of what they are like, other than that you will have to make judgement on whether to buy a signed selfie or not by the description as I'd rather keep those who buy happy even if it means losing sales.

31st August
Teresa My Bikini topTeresa May Bikini top
I need some help guys and gurlz. I'm desperately looking for a bikini like this in my size which is a 36E my bottom size is either s/m 10 to 12 or a small to medium which ever way they come. I'm struggling to find a decent one. I'm having absolutely no luck whatsoever. I don't want the colour or pattern I just want something that will fit and looks like what's in the pictures, you can click on them to see a larger version (I'm not asking you to buy them). I need it to be padded and underwired. Please look everywhere and if you find what I'm looking for email me at teresa.may@officialteresamay.com - You never know, I might even send you a free signed photo for your trouble.

28th August

Yesterday day I was with my friend Sara who was telling all about the blog she does for beauty products and all sorts of girlie things and she was surprised that I didn't have a blog myself. What she told me sounded so much fun and so I've decided to do a blog of my own and tell you all about what I'm up to as much as possible as believe it or not I am a very busy girl and have much to do such as updating my websites, sending out my orders of signed photos and DVDs. 

Those of you who follow me on twitter and Facebook will know that yesterday my friend Sara (the blogger) and I went for a sun tan in the afternoon where silly me managed to burn my bum! It's still quite sore and I've been inundated with offers to rub cream in it. Some of my followers and fans asked if I'd had my bottom spanked! Well the answer to that of course is no as no one gets to spank my cute bum cheeks so it's wishful thinking on their part.

To kick off my blog I've decided to reduce my modelling book to the ridiculous price of just 19.99 plus P&P and give four free picture with it but this is only for this bank holiday weekend and on Tuesday 30th August 2016 the price will return to normal and there will be no free pics with it.

Teresa May book launch for My Body In Your Hands

Ah what a happy day this was, surrounded by many of my friends and family and many fans who came along to purchase apersonally signed copy in person and of course to meet yours truly. I recognise quite a few of may fans in this picture and I'm sure they, like I do have many happy memories of the day. Click here to buy a copy for yourself.

My flowers

If you'd prefer to buy an unsigned copy on Amazon you can get them here

I didn't realise having a blog would be so much fun. I've had a very hectic but wonderful day. My hubby surprised me with a bunch of flowers, I wonder what he's after. Ha ha! Then I had my nails done, oh.. I must remember to take a picture of them so you can all see.  

I've just finished adding some more downloadable photo sets to my website's shop and now I'm going to relax and chill with something nice and cold and bubbly and watch some television, just like normal people do!

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